Dance Classes 101: Tips for Choosing the Best Type of Dance for You


What is dancing?

Dancing is the deliberate movement of your body to the rhythm of the music. And it doesn’t matter where the music comes from, even if it’s only in your head and no one else is hearing it. Dancing has been here with us since our first ancestors. We used to it express celebration and show pride. It is the music of our muscles. It is the flow of every art.

How happy music can help me dance?

The most interesting thing about dancing is that it makes us happy! Yes, you’ve heard it right, dancing can improve your mood. It has been known for a very long time that listing to happy music and moving to the beat will stimulate the release of endorphin. Endorphin is a hormone produced in your body. It is your body’s way to say that it’s happy. Check out this short music video and see if it will make you more optimistic about life.

So how about learning to dance after listing this happy song? I am 100% sure that it made you smile. I know that it made you think of different beautiful places from around the world. I bet you are eager now to find some local classes and see if they will make you more upbeat and content with your life, right?

So keep reading, because soon you’ll find out how to find best dance classes nearby.

How to choose the right dance style?

Dance classes are everywhere this summer but do you know what the best type of dance that fits you? And hoping that will make enjoy it as well.

This is the list of 13 dance types with available dance classes this summer.

  1. Freestyle Dancing. All you need is a set of a boom box and you are ready to go. This is good for those who are always into parties.
  2. Hip Hop. This street style dancing like requires you to jerk more than just stand up straight. You can’t just dance to any music because this requires hip hop music only.
  3. Ballet. This dance originated from Italian Renaissance courts. The ballet dancer has to be graceful and fluid in movements all the time. It requires pointe shoes. Know more about dance classes at eHow.
  4. K-Pop. If you are into Korean drama and music this one is for you. The dance matches the lyrics of the song. It requires Korean Pop music only.
  5. Popping. It is another street dance but with funky style. There are sudden releasing and tensing of muscles to perform the moves.
  6. Locking. It was invented by Campbellocking, whom the name of the dance was derived. It requires you to be freer with your movements called ‘locks’.
  7. Wave. The movements resemble like the waves of the sea. The fluid movements are suitable for lean and sexy dancers.
  8. Shuffling. This dance originated from Melbourne, Australia. The movements consist of fast heel-and-toe action. It requires mostly electronic music.
  9. Club Dancing. There is a lot of “how to dance with a girl or boy in a club” articles talking about this type of dance. Basically, this promotes you how to act properly when in the dance floor of a club.
  10. Year 1960. These dances are catchy, fun, lively, and always with a twist. This only requires you to be open-minded on the moves.
  11. Pole Dancing. This is a sensual kind of dance. You can check for pole dancing classes nearby. It only requires a pole.
  12. Abstract Dance. This dance will not tell you a story. It is focused on objects and symbolic contents. It requires you to be more open-minded with this type of dancing.
  13. Breaking. It is known as break dancing due to the fact that the main player does all break dancing part. It requires rap music. It originated from Puerto Rico.

In conclusion, let me tell you just one more thing. Whatever is your style of dancing make sure you enjoy it with all your heart.